Train Simulator Tutorial Instroduction to the DB BR155 – Electric Locomotive – Koln to Koblenz

The DB BR 155 was built by the DR between 1977-1984. They have a maximum speed of 120 km/h and were originally classified as DR BR 250. Two versions are currently available, the DB BR 155 and the PRESS BR 155. They are available in the following add-ons: West Rhine: Cologne – Koblenz TS Reward PRESS BR 155 (Free) Each scenario for the DB BR 155 come in difficult and easy modes. Scenarios for the West Rhine route: Calm/Critical run to Köln A Bonn (Bad) day for freight Sun/Storm bound to Andernach Assistance/All change at Andernach Southbound freight to Koblenz There are no scenarios included in the TS Rewards PRESS version The Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany) Class 250 (known since 1992 as Deutsche Bahn AG Class 155) is a German electric locomotive used on freight trains. Nicknamed the “Electric Container” or “Powercontainer” due to its distinctive carbody shape. The less favorable nickname “Stasi-Container” is also heard every now and then. It was the most powerful locomotive in the former GDR. In the mid-1960s, it became apparent that engine classes 211 and 242, in production since 1961, were not powerful enough, so DR built a new, 6-axled, electric locomotive suitable for all classes of traffic. In 1974 three prototypes were built by LEW Hennigsdorf, the leading builder of railway locomotives in the GDR. A series of 270 locomotives were delivered between 1977 and 1984. They were mainly used for heavy cargo trains as well as the fast Städteexpress-train services of DR (comparable with InterCity). After the reunification of Germany, railway traffic in East Germany slumped. The locomotives were renumbered as class 155, and many of them also operated in West Germany. After Deutsche Bahn was restructured, the engines were assigned to DB Cargo (later Railion, now DB Schenker Rail) for freight services. Since 1998, some locomotives have been used for spare parts. Approximately 200 are still in existence and can be seen throughout Germany pulling all sorts of freight trains. Today the 155s remain indispensable for DB Schenker, Deutsche Bahn’s railway cargo carrier. ++++++++++ Best Network wins more money with your youtube channel CPM of $ 3 to $ 30, and in my channel I’ve seen higher of $ 30 per 1000 views 🙂 and pays 70% more than other networks Las mejores Network Gana Mas dinero con tu canal de youtube CPM de $ 3 a $ 30, y en mi canal lo he visto mas alto de $ 30 por cada 1000 vistas 🙂 y paga 70% mas que en otras networks 1st) Zoomin.TV 70%: Of the five networks Zoomin.TV is the best CPM Very high 1º) Zoomin.TV 70%: De las cinco networks Zoomin.TV es la mejor CPM Muy altos 2st) Scalelab 70%: I readily accept 2ª) Scalelab : Te aceptan con facilidad 3nd) GT Channel 70%: You accept easily 3ª) GT Channel : Te aceptan con facilidad 4rd) Freedom 60%: You accept easily 4ª) Freedom : Te aceptan con facilidad 5th) Recstudios 70%: You have to have 200 daily views on your channel for you to accept 5ª) Recstudios : Tienes que tener 200 vistas diarias en tu canal para que te acepten +++++++++++ Give Like and comment on video costs nothing, and yet it does not seem, is helpful;) and not forget subscribe THANK YOU! NewsTecnologiaNews: TheMunSession: Technology-Mun: TheMunSessionBlogs: Facebook:
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