Top secret cereal Recipe (O.G CHEFS)

Back at it again with a new video init
With this new ‘Top Secret Cereal Recipe’
All you mandemz will never miss out on the most important meal of the day once you watch and make this recipe trussss me blud!!

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My past experience with breakfast is probably similar to yours. I would stumble into the kitchen (nope, Im not a morning person, how did you guess?) and with barely-open eyes grab a box from the selection of breakfast cereals in the cupboard. Drench it in pasteurized skim milk, a heaping spoonful of white sugar on top, and inhale.on special occasions and sometimes on weekends we would have things like pancakes or eggs, but cereal was the daily norm. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house where the pancakes were from scratch, and the breakfast cereal was not allowed to be the kind that rots your teeth (never mind that those supposedly-healthier multi-grain cheerios contain just as much sugar as the sugary honey variety).of course I was always famished about an hour after…i transformed my family’s breakfast experience to the world of possibilities outside of the cereal you want to learn how to do the same?the book is 85 pages and includes a few helpful short chapters at the beginning, plus lists of my favourite kitchen tools and ingredients. Over 40 original recipes are included.


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