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Chris Flesner
Genre: Food & Drink
Price: $ 19.99
Release Date: September 18, 2012

The ultimate tool for choosing the perfect tiered cake! Calculate or build cakes and instantly see what they look like! Change tier colors, then view or print the cakes at different angles! Cut your cakes perfectly with the included cutting guides!

"Has been my ultimate tool to use for my business!!" — the fierros, App Store reviewer

“The closer I can get to showing the client their dream cake, the closer I get to making the sale.” — Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes LLC

TieredCaker has three different ways to find the tiered cake you need. The Calculator, Stacker, and Favorites. Immediately see your what your different cake options look like in the Cake Viewer, then email or print an image of your cake and its cutting guides!

• Simply enter the number of servings you need, then immediately see all of your different tiered cake options!
• Results are sorted to make it easy and fast to find the cake you're looking for!

• Build cakes from scratch in the Stacker by simply adding and removing tiers.
• Get instant feedback on the number of servings and even the base price of your cake!

• Easily find your favorite, and your most recently viewed cakes!
• Every favorite and recent cake has a thumbnail for easy and fast identification!

Cake Viewer:
• Immediately see what your tiered cakes will look like!
• Change tier colors, and tier heights, to customize their look!
• Rotate the cakes to see them at different angles!
• Save, email, or print images at any angle to show your clients or to sketch ideas on!

Cutting Guides:
• View, email, or print cutting guides for every tier!
• Get straight-line style cutting guides for any serving size, or classic style cutting guides for Wedding and Party serving sizes!

• Customize the app to work for your needs.
• Enter your price per serving and get instant base prices for every single cake!
• Choose the serving size that works best for you, whether it be Wedding, Party, Coffee, or even a custom serving size! Or, create and use your very own servings chart!
• And even more customization options!

Once you’ve used TieredCaker, you’ll never know how you lived without it!
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