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Release Date: May 1, 2013

The official Rawtarian Raw Meal Plans app guides you through each day easily. No browsing, no decision-making and no need to choose recipes. Just start your plan and let me guide you through each raw day, meal-by-meal. Simple and delicious! App contains 6 separate weekly or monthly raw food meal plans, including simple, satisfying raw recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert. Meal plans include 100+ simple, satisfying raw food recipes, shopping lists, photographs of each recipe, comments, and more. The recipes in each meal plan are well-explained and simple to prepare. Only no-fail raw recipes in these simple raw meal plans!


Raw Meal Plans Included in This App:

– 7-Day Raw Challenge For Beginners
– 7-Day Raw Smoothie Newbie Challenge
– 7-Day Rawkin' Challenge
– 7-Day Raw Challenge for Intermediate Raw Fooders
– 7-Day Raw Dehydrator Advanced Challenge
– 14-Day Raw Newbie Challenge
– 14-Day Raw Gourmet Challenge
– The New Year "Nineteen" Challenge
– 28-Day Up-The-Raw Ladder Challenge
– 28-Day Challenge for Raw Newbies

– App automatically updates and installs the latest new plans as soon as they are released by The Rawtarian!

Bonus Features:

– Full recipe nutrition information.
– Each meal plan contains recipes for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert.

– Over 100 simple, satisfying raw recipes – hand-picked, the best of the best!

– Handy weekly shopping lists (with checklists) to keep you organized

– The ability to write your own private notes on each recipe

– Zoomable pictures of each recipe to see what you're making

– Ability to browse and add comments about each raw food recipe right in the app for tips from other users to avoid mistakes

– No need to make decisions or get overwhelmed

– No internet access required once downloaded

– App automatically updates on-the-fly with the latest Rawtarian meal plans

Download The Rawtarian's Raw Meal Plans app right now. These simple raw meal plans will simplify raw food and help you be the new raw you starting now!


Laura-Jane The Rawtarian creates simple, satisfying raw food recipes. She is the host of The Raw Food Podcast and author of The Rawtarian’s Raw Staples Recipe Book. She shares simple, satiating raw food recipes at www.therawtarian.com. (She is also the creator of The Rawtarian's Raw Recipes app, which has been purchased thousands of times and has over 48 five-star reviews.)

Simple raw recipes are The Rawtarian's specialty! Some of her famous raw food recipes include raw brownies, raw lemon bars, raw food veggie burgers, raw crackers, raw cheesecake, raw chocolate macaroons – and much more.

55,000+ Facebook fans know and love The Rawtarian's simple, satisfying raw vegan recipes: www.facebook.com/therawtarian Join us and go raw the simple way!


Important! When downloading the app for the *very* first time it will take a few minutes to "sync" – there are lots of meal plans, photos, comments and recipes to download! Please be patient when installing for the first time on your device. (Note: Keep the app open and do not do anything else with your device to get the speediest sync because it will pause the sync if you close it down.) Again, this is only necessary the first time you open it! It's well worth the wait, I promise.


If you have any problems with the app please email me and I will respond right away! lj@therawtarian.com If you are unsatisfied with the app for any reason just email me and we can work out a solution! lj@therawtarian.com

If you enjoy this app please leave a review here in the App Store. I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂 Enjoy!
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