Quick And Easy Chinese Food Recipes

Quick And Easy Chinese Food Recipes

Quick And Easy Chinese Food Recipes

In Quick And Easy Chinese Food Recipes you will find recipes for simple Chinese food cooked at home and not found in Chinese restaurants. These food are authentic and delicious, handed down by my grandmother who taught me how to cook when I was a young girl. Most Chinese girls are taught how to cook as this is traditionally a pre-requisite if one wants to get married later on. The recipes are grouped under four sections: soups, stir-fried vegetables, steamed food and meat dishes.
The Chinese food recipes in this book are quick and easy to follow and they are tasty and nutritious.
In a Chinese family, we usually sit down for dinner together and the food on the table will be soup, a vegetable and either a meat or fish dish.
Simple home-cooked food is always healthy and much healthier than food cooked in restaurants. The ingredients are available in super markets and they are basic to Chinese cooking.


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