Pizza Sauce – By VahChef @

Pizza Sauce - By VahChef @

Generally a mix of tomato paste, water, parmesan cheese, and garlic blended well together makes this flavorful homemade pizza sauce


3 tsp Olive Oil
3 tbsp Butter
3 large capsicum (bell pepper)
3 clove Garlic chopped
1/4 tsp Peppers crushed (optional)
1 tsp Salt
16 oz Tomato Puree
2 number Tomatoes
1 tsp Whole Basil
1 tsp Whole Oregano /marjoram


• saute garlic in olive oil ( you can add chopped onion (optional)

• add bell pepper and saute for few more sec

• add chopped tomato (skin removed and add tomato puree of fresh tomatoes ,salt and pinch of sugar and cook till soft and juices evaporate to right consistency

• add crushed pepper (optional)

• add hers as shown and use as topping on pizza
tomato paste, olive oil, garlic and dried spices including oregano, basil and rosemary steep for hours to let the rich flavors blossom “Reach vahrehvah at –
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