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Genre: Food & Drink
Price: $ 9.99
Release Date: March 11, 2015

PDT Cocktails is the authoritative archive of the famed New York City bar, replete with both house creations and numerous fine-tuned classics that have graced PDT’s menu since the bar’s opening in 2007. Beyond that, it is the most comprehensive digital reference for contemporary cocktails available today with such features as:

– 400 meticulously tested cocktail recipes
– 69 recipes for PDT’s house-made ingredients
– Ingredient profiles that include photos and concise reference material
– Photographs of every cocktail and every ingredient—over 1000 in total, each taken at PDT

PDT Cocktails can be used independently or as a companion to The PDT Cocktail Book, which the app augments with new PDT creations, newly relevant historic recipes, and revisions to existing recipes based on available products and continued testing by PDT’s expert mixologists.

PDT Cocktails allows bartenders of all skill-levels to:

– Search recipes by base spirit, cocktail-type, creator, and date of creation
– Display measurements in ounces, centiliters, milliliters, or gills
– Input bar inventory to rapidly find recipes using those ingredients and identify the most useful additions to their backbar and pantry
– Identify ingredients that may be substituted in a recipe
– Track favorites and flag recipes for further reference
– Works the same as our five-star apps Beachbum Berry’s Total Tiki and Martin’s Index
– Universal app, works nearly identically on both platforms

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