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Genre: Food & Drink
Release Date: March 5, 2013


Nose to Tail is the premier mobile app for learning more about cuts of meat. With over 200 cuts available across four animals (Cow, Chicken, Lamb and Pig) you will be hard pressed to find a cut that isn't included.

Each cut has been thoroughly researched and boasts gorgeous unique illustrations. Discover where your steak really comes from and how to get the best from your butcher.

Browse through cuts by anatomy, cooking methods and suggested uses. With the fun X-Ray feature you can discover uncommon cuts that you may not have tried before.

Share stories on Facebook and see if you can eat through all the cuts from nose to tail!


+ Over 80 Beef cuts included in app
+ Chicken, Lamb and Pork cuts available through in-app purchase to reach a total of over 200 cuts of meat
+ Illustrated cut and animal diagrams
+ Filter and search through cuts to find what you are looking for
+ Bookmark favourite cuts for quick access later
+ Share recipes, tips and stories about cuts with friends on Facebook

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