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Genre: Food & Drink
Price: $ 79.99
Release Date: November 13, 2013

For the the first time ever, create modernist cuisine in your own kitchen with the interactive eBook version of the award-winning “Modernist Cuisine at Home”, exclusively on Inkling.

FAST COMPANY: "It's been designed, not as a book, but as a personal sous chef."

GIZMODO: "The world's most beautiful cookbook is now a beautiful app."

Using videos, high-res photography, and thoughtful new tools developed for the interactive eBook, you'll discover the science behind the techniques of your favorite avant-garde chefs, and learn how to elevate 400 classic “comfort” food recipes like chicken noodle soup and mac-and-cheese with Modernist Cuisine’s signature tips, tricks, and hacks.

The beloved print cookbook has been meticulously transformed for iPad and iPhone, and includes extras not found anywhere else. In addition to 260 more recipes and 359 more photos than the print version, the interactive eBook includes new features such as 37 cooking technique videos, recipe scaling, and shopping lists that sync between all of your devices. For anyone who is fascinated by the art and science behind what we eat, this is a must-have app.

Top Features:

* More recipes and photos: Explore 416 recipes (including 270 new full recipes based on the print book’s suggested variations), 1,683 photos, and additional hints and tips from the Modernist Cuisine team. All recipes are classified on a scale from “easy” to “advanced”, so you can find what fits your needs.

* Technique videos: Created exclusively for the new interactive edition, 37 videos show important techniques in action, such as how to properly execute the water displacement method or the right way to use a blowtorch on your steaks.

* Helpful tools: We’ve added new tools to make recipe planning and grocery shopping even easier. Find recipes by ingredient and level of difficulty with the Recipe Finder, and then scale the ingredients based on how many people you’re cooking for with the Yield Converter. Before heading to the grocery store, add it all to your Shopping List and check things off as you go. Your shopping list syncs between your iPad, iPhone, and web browser.

* Gorgeous photography: Get up close and personal with Modernist Cuisine’s iconic photography from the comfort of your iPad and iPhone. Tap on any photo or slideshow to use the full real estate of your device, and zoom in on every detail with just a pinch out.

* Step by Step recipe walkthroughs: Dive deeper into a new recipe with a Step by Step. Each Step by Step contains detailed instructions, numbered steps, instructive photos, and even how-to videos to help you master a recipe with ease.

* Embedded links: Curious about what “sous vide” is or where to find xanthan gum? Just tap to find out. Blue-and-white “poptips” provide instant definitions, and embedded web links send you directly to the right places to buy what you need.

* Share: Want to let your friends and family know what you’re about to make? Instantly post anything from inside the book to Facebook and Twitter, and they can access it right away!

* Search: Need to find something quickly? Search the book, your notes, and even Google and Wikipedia, while barely lifting a finger.

* Sync seamlessly: Easily sync between devices with your Inkling account. Add a recipe to your shopping list on your iPad, and then pull it up on your iPhone at the store.
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