Mexican Street Food Recipes (Healthy Diet Delicious Mexican Street Food Cookbook Book 1)

Mexican Street Food Recipes (Healthy Diet Delicious Mexican Street Food Cookbook Book 1)

Mexican Street Food Recipes (Healthy Diet Delicious Mexican Street Food Cookbook Book 1)

“No Frills” Old Fashioned Mexican Street Eats Recipes

You can now get the Real Taste of Mexican Food served up Fast.

If you’re looking for a la carte cooking, this book isn’t for you. But, if you want truly authentic “Old School” Mexican food cooked and served the “old fashioned” way with so much flavour the you will thoroughly enjoy these recipes in very much the same way as they have been enjoyed for many many years…

Simple to prepare and even easier to cook these recipes deliver a “no frills” taste sensation as you will find cooked on the streets of Mexico

Mexican food from restaurants will never taste the same again..

When it comes to wholesome flavors, few cuisines pack the punch of real Mexican street food.

Packed full of powerful spices and tasty ingredients, Mexican street food recipes are a universal delight and they are just so easy to prepare with the simplest of ingredients.

Mexican recipes, very much influenced and contrasted by delicate spices and subtle flavors and are always deliciously tasty, but are usually filled with fat and calories.

In this “Mexican Street Food Cookbook” you will find tasty, low-fat healthy recipes are so much different, based on traditional and authentic street food methods of cooking without compromising on the full flavor extracted from the natural ingredients.

Let’s show you how to make healthy and easy Mexican recipes that will prove to be simply irresistible for your family and friends.

Assembled in this publication you will find some of mine and my family’s favorite, healthy and easy easy to prepare Mexican recipes, including Mexican casseroles, Mexican desserts recipes, and easy Mexican side dishes. We have everything from Supreme Chicken Burritos, Mexican-Style Chicken Casserole, Slow Cooker Mexican Chili, plus lots more.

The recipes in this crowd-pleasing collection are fun and easy, and all of them are delicious. Make one or make several, and discover the tasty and healthy delights that can only be found in healthy Mexican street food!

Everyone will have their own favorite…!

Enjoy your healthy easy Mexican recipes and I would value your comments..

Buen apetito..!


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