Mediterranean-style Fish Stew Recipe | Marco Pierre White

Watch Chef Marco Pierre White as he demonstrates how to make this rich, yet delicate fish stew. An easy recipe from Knorr.

This is a great example of a one-pot dish. First I make a very light roux sauce which I flavour with tomato juice and — the secret ingredient — a Knorr Fish Stock Pot. I then add in fish and seafood, marinated with a few spices, and very gently poach it in the Knorr Fish Stock Pot sauce. The beauty of cooking the fish in the spiced tomato sauce is that it means that the dish retains all its goodness and flavour.I’ve used salmon, snapper, sustainably-sourced cod and prawns for this Mediterranean fish stew, but feel free to experiment with your own choice of fish and seafood.

2tbsps olive oil
1kg assorted fish (salmon, red snapper and sustainably-sourced cod), skinned and cut into even-sized chunks and seafood (raw peeled prawns)
A generous pinch of smoked sweet paprika
A generous pinch of saffron strands
1 sprig of thyme
20g butter
20g flour
250ml tomato juice, diluted with 250ml of water to make 500ml diluted tomato juice
1 Knorr Fish Stock Pot
1tbsp chopped basil
125g carrots, chopped into short, fine strips, blanched for 1 minute, then refreshed in cold water
2 stalks of celery, cut into short, fine strips, blanched for 1 minute, then refreshed in cold water

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