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Genre: Food & Drink
Release Date: August 11, 2015

Want to do more with your recipes?

MasterCook now offers you more ways than ever to collect and organize your recipes!

The MasterCook App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is the perfect way to get the most out of your annual subscription to Your subscription to lets you collect and organize up to 50,000 recipes! (Or start with our free subscription and collect up to 25 recipes). Here’s what you can do with the MasterCook App:

•Download recipes online with just 1 click
•Organize recipes into custom cookbooks
•Scale recipe serving size in just 1 click!
•Create shopping lists from recipes with just 1 click!
•Search your recipes based on cuisine, category, cookbook or title
•Create group cookbooks and share with friends and family

The MasterCook app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch also connects you with MasterCook 15 software for Windows PCs, which allows you to obtain nutritional information for recipes, add ingredient costs to perform cost analysis, find ingredient substitutions and create menus and meals plans. It also comes with 30 cookbooks, over 8000 recipes and includes a more robust search tool! Learn more at
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