Kung Fu Remix Classic – Games Plataformas Juegos

Kung Fu Remix – Games Plataformas Juegos

Kung Fu Remix classic game. A remake of the NES classic. 

Please wait for the game to load. 
Game Controls
Arrow keys 
space bar to select on main title 
z = punch 
x = kick 
p = pause (can’t against bosses) 
shift = run 
1 2 or 3 keys = specials (can’t be used against a boss)
Kung Fu Remix

Game for your website, copy the game code to your Web

<div align=”center”>
<embed autostart=”true” controller=”true” height=”727px” loop=”false” src=”http://www.classicgamesarcade.com/games/kung-fu-remix.swf” width=”728px”></embed><br />
<a href=”http://www.classicgamesarcade.com/game/21623/kung-fu-remix.html”>Kung Fu Remix</a><br />
<br />

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