Cooking with Chicken DVD Step-by-Step Guide (Easy & Healthy Recipes)

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Cooking with Chicken covers a wide range of basic techniques and delicious recipes to make the most of this versatile bird, whether bought whole and as pieces.

Demonstrated by trained chefs, the emphasis is on easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes that look and taste great.

There is something to suit every occasion, from meals in a hurry, to everyday cooking, right through to special occasions, and there is also advice on basic techniques, such as jointing.

Delicious recipes covered in detail include:

•Pot -Roast Chicken
•Coq Au Vin
•Chicken and Chorizo Beany Casserole
•Chicken Prociutto
•Chicken Breasts fried in a nutty coating
•Chicken Breasts with mushrooms and sherry
•Chicken Stir-fry
•Thai Chicken Curry
•Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Breasts
•Drumsticks with Lemon and Herb Crust
•Chicken Kebab
•Chicken soup

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